This is the title of this post

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This is the first sentence of this post. This is the second sentence of this post that introduces the next sentence that will describe the topic of this post.

This sentence is supposed to introduce the topic of the post, but will wait to do so. This sentence will hint about its self-referential nature.

This sentence finally introduces the topic of this post by describing, this time, the self referential nature of the post itself.

This sentence is about the fact that sometime you are lacking ideas about what to write in a post. This sentence states that, of course, this is not the case of this post.

This sentence introduces what the rest of the post will be about.

The purpose of this sentence is to temporize a bit about introducing the topic of this post, in order to keep the reader reading.

This sentence apologizes about the fact of having used such a childish trick for keeping the reader reading, without actually providing any additional infomation.

This is a filler sentence. Again.

This sentence will end when you will read the word end.

This sentence introduces the next one that will finally reveal what this post is about.

This sentence reveals, at last, that this is not really a blog post.

I didn't go crazy... This was just a little experiment about self-reference inspired (maybe too much) by the first two chapters of the book Metamagical Themas by Douglas Hofstadter, and in particular by a self-referential story written by David Moser.

I particularly like the paradoxical ending.

To properly conclude this post(-scriptum), this is a self-referential link.