Posted on 18 Jan 2012 | Back to Bitloom home

I’ve decided to open a “companion site” for this blog. The purpose of this site will be to host more lightweight posts, in particular links to resources and sites that I’ve found interesting.

I currently use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for this kind of activity, but I liked the idea of having a place where to “centralize” all this information.

Tumblr seems to be the perfect tool for doing this. For this reason the new site is called : Bitloomblr

So what will you find on Bitloom? I will continue to post here (longish) articles that come from my reflections and experiences, and are written completely by myself. Basically a standard blog :)

What will you find on Bitloomblr? All the stuff that I stumbled upon on the Internet or in real life and that I’ve found interesting, or very short comments about them. Basically all the things I wish I had written or done :)

I will also continue to use social networks for broadcasting this information, but my status updates will contain only links to either Bitloom or Bitloomblr.